How we started
I'm one of those people that is always thinking up new ideas and sharing them with my friends. A lot of the time my friends just look at me in a strange way and ask what I'm talking about. It's not that I come up with complex solutions, it more why am I constantly thinking of things. Some ideas where not so good, others have already been done, and then there are those that get some people to light up.

One of these invention events happened while I was watching a hockey game. It was cold outside so I had my heavy coat, but inside the temperature is nice and you take your jacket off. Now you have a situation where you have paid a nice amount of money to watch a game with your jacket stuffed behind your back. Stadiums pack you in, that's for sure, and I looked for a way to even the odds. So after thinking about it for a while I determined that the best place to store something would be under the seat. But you don't want it on the floor, so you need something to connect to the seat. I turned to my friend and shared the thought and he thought it was a good idea.

I've had good ideas before and did nothing about them. This time it was going to change and my friend at the game decided to join me. So that's how this all started. I've had ideas since, but I've decided to focus on this one and see where it will take me.

Dan Charbonneau

Orion's Key Technologies LLC was founded in 2004 and is located in Minneapolis, MN. Our goal is to take new inventions and develop them into a product that will be usable by a individual at a fair cost.
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